We Ukrainians, Belgians, and Europeans want to make it clear that there is no place for Russian bloody oil and gas in Europe! Belgium stands with Ukraine, and we demand that Lukoil Belgium discontinue its operations in Belgium!
Call me naive, but I always believed in ethical business above profit-making business.
I am convinced that private companies hold full-scale moral responsibility for what they finance through their commerce. And Lukoil Belgium sponsors the war in my country. Every drip of Russian oil that you sell is the drip of the blood of innocent women and children.
I call upon everyone reading this post, do not tank your cars at LUKOIL gas stations, do not conduct any business with this company. Simply because there is more to life than money. Don’t be an accomplice of the genocide of Ukrainians.
Lukoil Belgium, we Promote Ukraine will be back protesting at Lukoil HQ in Belgium, but you still can revoke the franchise and stop purchasing Russian oil.



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