We are deeply grateful to the UK in Belgium – British Embassy Brussels for the important witness testimony event held at the British residence in Brussels on 23 November.

British Ambassador to Belgium Martin Shearman, in his opening remarks, emphasised the urgent need for unwavering support and prompt assistance to Ukraine. He underscored the crucial role of events like these in showcasing the real stories of Ukrainians enduring the harsh realities of life in occupied territories.

Witness Testimony

The Ukrainian Chargé d’Affaires to Belgium, Natalia Anoshyna, delivered a moving and empathetic speech, highlighting the profound friendship between the British and Ukrainian people.

At the event, the convincing testimonies of Oksana Zayaryna, Lena Yagupova, and Artem Matveev, who survived the atrocities of the Russian occupation forces, were heard. Their stories revealed the terrible crimes committed against them – destruction of personality, torture, physical violence, sexual and psychological violence, lawlessness, and more.

Oksana Zayaryna shared her experience of experiencing the dehumanising tactics of the occupiers with incredible resilience. Lena Yagupova bravely talked about the horrors of physical and psychological torment that she and many others faced during the Russian occupation. Artem Matveev shared his terrible journey, shedding light on the pervasive atmosphere of fear and injustice.

These witnesses illuminated the dark corners of the Russian occupation, emphasising the purposeful efforts to dismantle the spirit and identity of the Ukrainian people.

Witness Testimony

We are grateful to the British Embassy and the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium for providing a platform for survivors to share their painful but extremely important stories.

The “Witness Testimony” event is a powerful example of the resilience of the human spirit and the collective commitment to expose and oppose the grave injustices committed by the Russian occupation forces.

Promote Ukraine Team

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