On 4 November, Yana Brovdiy, the Media Lead of Promote Ukraine, addressed the Greater European Conference during the panel discussion titled ‘Helping Ukraine Win – What Will It Take?’ Here are some key messages she conveyed to the conference participants.

  • To help Ukraine win the war, prioritise a continuous supply of weapons, addressing the Armed Forces’ ammunition shortage and countering Russian efforts to obtain arms from various sources.
  • Apply economic pressure on Russia by tightening sanctions, closing loopholes, and redirecting all frozen Russian assets in the EU to support Ukraine’s defence and reconstruction. It is the Russian taxpayers and businesses who must pay for the war and its aftermath.
  • Make Ukraine an important point in the political agenda and 2024 elections by leveraging leaders’ influence to shape public opinion, emphasising the importance of supporting Ukraine and involving Ukrainian volunteers and civilians in campaigns to highlight real-life stories and why it is important to support these people.
  • Zero tolerance and punishment for corruption, particularly in the army and defence sector. Highlight positive shifts in Ukrainian attitudes towards resisting corruption and ongoing criminal cases. While corruption easily grabs international headlines, the efforts to combat corruption seldom receive the same level of attention.
  • Establish comprehensive support programmes tailored to the needs of veterans and their families, acknowledging the wide-ranging physical and psychological consequences resulting from their experiences in the war. This holds significant importance for the morale of both Ukrainian defenders and the nation as a whole.
  • On sustainable peace, she stressed that it entails ensuring that the aggressor is held fully accountable for the start of the war and all its war crimes. The best guarantee for peace in the future is Ukraine’s accession into the EU and NATO.
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