The National Demonstration in Solidarity with Ukraine, which took place in Brussels on 25 February, united not only Ukrainians but also representatives of all free nations, including those currently under the oppression of the Russian Federation.

So, the Chechens led by Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Akhmed Zakayev took part in the event. All these people were forced to flee their homeland due to Russian tyranny, so they understand the Ukrainians perfectly well and support our state and our people in every possible way.

In his speech during the action, Zakayev noted that the Russian Federation’s treacherous attack on Ukraine would affect the entire global order.

“For a year now, the valiant Armed Forces of Ukraine have been waging a heroic struggle against the occupiers, but the enemy continues its aggression, mobilising new forces to the front. Ukraine entered into a deadly battle with an insidious enemy – Russian fascism… The enemy is cruel and relentless. The enemy has no norms and values, except for the barbaric desire to rule. In its cynicism and greed, the enemy surpasses all forms of human immorality. If someone thinks that this war will not affect them, they are deeply mistaken. The outcome of the war will affect the entire global order. And all the people of the world should realise the depth of the danger that threatens civilisation,” said the Prime Minister of Ichkeria.

The Chechens will fight side by side with Ukrainians until Russian Nazism is destroyed and all nations are freed from its oppression, he noted.

“We address the fraternal peoples of the North Caucasus to follow the same course and sabotage the violent mobilisation for war in Ukraine in every possible way. We must liberate the North Caucasus from the Russian yoke and its corrupt henchmen. We must unite in this struggle, following the will of our ancestors who fought in the army of Sheikh Mansur and Imam Shamil,” Zakayev said.

Marta Barandiy, head of Promote Ukraine, welcomed Mr. Zakayev to the demonstration and emphasised that the empire would surely collapse.

“Today, the free people of Ichkeria stand with us, and we will stand with them when the time comes to support the self-determination of this nation after the collapse of the Russian Federation,” she noted.

Akhmed Zakayev
Photo: Akhmed Zakayev supports Ukraine at a demonstration in Brussels

Promote Ukraine, continuing cooperation with representatives of the Chechen people, organises a joint event on Sunday, 5 March (10:00 – 16:00) – a forum of the youth of Ukraine and Ichkeria.

We call on Ukrainians in Belgium to take part in the event, come and talk with representatives of the future independent republic!

Last October, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine officially recognised Ichkeria as occupied by Russia and condemned the genocide of the Chechens.

The Chechens have been fighting on the side of the Defence Forces of Ukraine in various units since 2014. Currently, there are five armed formations of the Chechens fighting on the front against Russia – the battalions named after Sheikh Mansur, Dzhokhar Dudayev, Noman Çelebicihan, the special forces battalion at the Main Department of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine as part of the Foreign Legion, and the battalion named after Khamzat Gelayev, formed last summer.

Bohdan Marusyak

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