The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated that we once again witnessed unfounded insinuations of Alexander Lukashenka against Ukraine.

“Obviously, Alexander Lukashenka has already fully mastered the patterns of Russian propaganda rhetoric about threats posed by Western countries and Ukraine in particular. He talks about the ghostly American bases and camps of militants in Ukraine while turning our neighbouring Belarus into a solid military base for Russia,” the diplomats said.

They believe that the Russian Federation is currently the main threat to Ukraine, Belarus, and the friendly Belarusian people. Preserving the sovereignty and independence of Belarus and not becoming an appendage of Russia, that’s what Minsk should really think about.

“Ukraine has never interfered and will not interfere in the affairs of neighbouring Belarus. Ukraine will also never pose any threat to the safety of the Belarusian people. At the same time, we will continue to defend our freedom, independence, and free democratic choice of the Ukrainian people in favour of European and Euro-Atlantic integration with all our strength and means,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine stressed.

Natalia Tolub

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