Belarus: Detained Anarchists Supposed to Have Ukrainian Trace

Border of Belarus

Belarusian border patrol reported the arrest of radical “four anarchists” with weapons, ammunition, special and other equipment near the border with Ukraine on 31 October, Saturday. Anton Bychkovsky, an official representative of Belarus’ State Border Committee, stated this.

According to him, two firearms, a hand grenade, a traumatic pistol, a melee weapon, and pepper spray cans, a uniform, and military-style backpacks were confiscated during the detention. In addition, the equipment included laptops, tablets, GPS trackers, video recorders, a Ukrainian mobile operator SIM card, etc.

According to Belarusian law enforcement, it was these detainees who had attacked the State Car Inspectorate building in Mozyr, the State Committee for Forensic Examinations in Soligorsk, and the regional prosecutor’s office. The core group’s goal was to “radicalize and destabilize” the situation in the country, after which leaving for Ukraine was allegedly planned.

The State Security Committee of Belarus stated that all the detainees had appropriate sabotage training, and the group formation took place on the territory of Ukraine.

To recap, on 1 November the Republic of Belarus temporarily suspended the border crossing for entry by foreign citizens and stateless persons. The official reason for such actions is to prevent the spreading of COVID-19. Restrictions on border crossings do not apply only to those who arrive in Belarus via Minsk National Airport.

Meanwhile, the peaceful mass protests are continuing in the country, and the official authorities, led by Alexander Lukashenko, claim foreign interference and incitement of citizens to participate in the riots.

Bohdan Marusyak

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