The Security Service of Ukraine blocked a new scheme of falsification of PCR test results. The dealers conspired with private medical institutions and “qualitatively” falsified the test results, entering the information into the Dii Vdoma mobile application [used to control self-isolation after entering Ukraine]. Their actions could have promoted the COVID-19 pandemic spread.

According to the Security Service, the wrongdoers took an advantage of lack of proper control over quality of laboratory tests. The dealers conspired with the staff of private laboratories to forge certificates of test results.

The Security Service agents established that the organisers had published advertisements on online resources about the issuance of urgent certificates with negative test results. The “service” was offered to Ukrainian citizens who returned from abroad and wanted to evade the mandatory 14-day self-isolation.

The Security Service of Ukraine documented the mass production of forged certificates of PCR test results in four Kyiv private laboratories of the same commercial structure. The cost of “services” fluctuated depending on the urgency of issuing a certificate and reached UAH 1,000. Several hundred citizens were already identified as taking tests at these clinics. It was also recorded that the staff of medical institutions had entered falsified data into the Dii Vdoma mobile application.

Natalia Tolub

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