Defence Ministry Exposes Corruption Scheme Worth Over Half a Million Hryvnias

The Internal Audit Department of the Ministry of Defence exposed misuse of more than half a million hryvnias. Service members of various levels – from a staff sergeant to a general – were among the violators.

In particular, several officials of the Armed Forces of Ukraine submitted unreliable information about the alleged lack of official or other housing to receive monetary compensation. The facts of illegal payment of monetary compensation for rent to 12 service members of the military administration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the amount of UAH 290,000 were confirmed.

Moreover, the fact of overpayment of the one-time financial aid of UAH 234,000 at the dismissal of a colonel of one of the bodies of military administration of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was established.

The Ministry of Defence submitted a report to the State Bureau of Investigation on the signs of criminal offences in the actions of these service members under Article 366 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Forgery in office” and Article 410 “Theft, misappropriation, extortion of weapons, ammunition, explosives or other warfare agents, vehicles, military and special equipment or other military property, as well as their acquisition by fraud or abuse of office.”

Natalia Tolub

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