The first financial contribution to be received by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine within the EU4DigitalUA project amounts to EUR 9.6 million. It aims to improve the government’s digital infrastructure’s functionality and build a reliable electronic service system.

The Ministry for Digital Transformation and European partners outlined further plans:

– development of infrastructure for digital governance;

– state electronic services modernisation;

– cybersecurity and data protection development;

– visualisation of information on broadband Internet access in Ukraine;

– continuing to connect the key registers to the “Trembita” data exchange system;

– a national personal identifier construction – a state digital identity card and a register of citizens’ residence addresses registration;

– development of electronic services on the “Action” portal and in the “Action” mobile application.

“We are grateful to the EU for Ukraine’s digital transformation support. For more than a year now, the Ministry team has been building a digital state. Digital transformation is the key to reforms in any area. We have already demonstrated this in urban planning and administrative services. The digital transformation support is the support for all key reforms and anti-corruption activities. We are ready to share experiences with other countries and improve the projects we work with daily. Thanks to EU assistance, Ukraine will get more qualitative changes,” Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov said.

EU representatives stressed that Ukraine has made impressive progress in digital transformation and was ranked 69th in the UN ranking of 193 countries for readiness for e-Government according to the EDGI index. Compared to 2018, Ukraine rose by 16 positions.

“The EU supports the further development of digital technologies in Ukraine to increase the country’s competitiveness and further Ukraine’s approach to the EU Digital Single Market,” Ambassador Matti Maasikas, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, said during the inaugural meeting of the project.


The EU4DigitalUA project is a part of the European Union’s broad support for the e-government development in Ukraine. The implementation will be implemented by the Spanish FIIAPP Spain Foundation and the Estonian Academy of Electronic Government.

Natalia Tolub

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