There are plans to train 30,000 service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine this year as part of the European Union Military Assistance Mission Ukraine.

“In 2023, as part of the EU Military Assistance Mission Ukraine, it is planned to train 30,000 service members of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including soldiers of the Territorial Defence Forces,” the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine posted on Telegram.

The Ministry also reminded that the EU Mission unites 28 states.

Armed Forces of Ukraine

The strategic goal is to strengthen the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for:

  • Effective conduct of operations
  • Protection of sovereignty and restoration of territorial integrity of Ukraine
  • Protection of the civilian population

Last year, at the initial stage, the EU Mission purchased the necessary military property, equipment and ammunition for the training of Ukrainian service members.

The Ministry of Defence noted that they are working on expanding the ways of EU assistance to Ukraine.

As reported, the participants in the latest Ramstein format meeting discussed the plans of the U.S. European Command, as well as some European countries, regarding the training of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on aircraft, tanks, and other types of modern Western-style weapons.

Bohdan Marusyak

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