G7 Ambassadors’ Support Group for Ukraine announced priority areas for cooperation in 2022.

According to the document, support for Ukraine in its progress will take place in three main areas. In particular, the ​​”Just and Resilient Institutions” area includes intensifying efforts to implement judicial reform, combat corruption, and build effective governance and institutions.

The priority is to ensure the effective work of the selection commission for the High Qualification Commission for Judges, which selects qualified and independent candidates for vacant judicial positions. The G7 Ambassadors also consider important this year’s comprehensive reform of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine and the restructuring of the Kyiv District Administrative Court.

In the area of the fight against corruption, the priorities are adopting and implementing an ambitious National Anti-Corruption Strategy; supporting the National Agency for Prevention of Corruption, including its effective verification of electronic asset declarations, control of political finance and corruption risk management.

The “Prosperous Economy” area covers measures to ensure Ukraine’s economic development and implement the “green transition” and energy reform.

The “Secure Country” area provides for the reform of the defence and security sector and the law enforcement system.

Bohdan Marusyak

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