The Russian Federation has intensified its efforts to discredit Ukraine’s top state and military officials to provoke distrust of officials. Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence Main Intelligence Directorate’s Public Relations Service reported this.

“Pro-Russian media, journalists and agents of influence, including in Ukraine, are used more pro-actively. The main purpose of the information campaign set by the Kremlin is to provoke distrust of our state’s top officials and discredit their activities to resolve the situation on the front of the war with Russia,” the message says.

Intelligence notes that a separate area of ​​Russian propaganda is a criticism of the Ukrainian leadership and the authorities to address social and economic problems. In particular, this includes those related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is reported that the discrediting campaign takes place amidst efforts to increase the efficiency of action in Donbas and to introduce a system of reforms in the Ukrainian army according to NATO standards by the President of Ukraine and the Ministry of Defence.

The intelligence officers believe that the Russian inform-attacks show the weakness of the aggressor country’s position and the Kremlin’s inability to achieve its goals in Ukraine.

Bohdan Marusyak

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