The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was reminded of his ties to Ukraine. This time, the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siarto was outraged by the statements of the American politician who mentioned Hungary, talking about the totalitarian regimes strengthening around the world.

The Hungarian Foreign Minister responded with the “Biden’s pressure on Ukraine” and mentioned his son’s role in Burisma.

“It would be great if Joe Biden answered why he put pressure on the Ukrainian government to fire the General Prosecutor (Victor Shokin – Ed.) and why the investigations of his son’s business in the Ukrainian energy sector have been actually stopped,” stated Siarto on his Facebook page.

He also called Biden’s words about Poland and Hungary “completely untrue and unworthy.” He also noted that the Democratic Party of the United States has resorted to constant “teachings and accusations” against the governments of the Central European countries.

To recap, Biden’s words about Hungary while criticising US President Donald Trump’s position, were aired on ABC News on 16 October. According to the Democratic candidate, the actual US president supports totalitarian leaders “from Belarus to Poland and Hungary,” considers North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un his “best friend” and “does nothing” with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Bohdan Marusyak

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