Our country has already ramped up domestic production of armaments and ammunition several times. This means that we also managed to develop many exclusive Ukrainian know-how and technologies.

“We are fighting the largest and the most technologically advanced war in this century. This means we have also discovered many exclusively Ukrainian know-hows and technologies. Our miltech is booming. What we need now is to couple Ukraine’s ingenuity with the resources of our partners to jointly produce strength for both us and you,” Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said at the conference of Czech ambassadors.

He added in this context that Ukraine would hold a very important event this autumn. The first Defense Industries Forum will allow Ukrainian and foreign producers to launch joint ventures, enter into alliances, sign contracts, and explore opportunities for growing together. Hundreds of leading defense companies from dozens of countries have already been invited.

NATO and Ukraine

“We also know there is no alternative to our membership in NATO. The past didn’t allow us to get closer to the EU and NATO, who preferred to look at Ukraine through Moscow’s lens. Today, I ask you to work jointly and uncompromisingly ahead of the Washington summit on putting into practical decisions a clear vision: Europe won’t be a safe place until Ukraine is in NATO,” Kuleba said.

He emphasised that Ukraine counted on European experience in breaking those walls to help advance on its path to NATO and EU membership. “Our security is your security. By strengthening us, you strengthen yourselves. This has been true throughout centuries of our common history,” the minister summed up.

Natalia Tolub

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