Ukraine demands Iran provide documentary evidence of the detention of six people suspected of shooting down the UIA’s plane in the sky over Tehran on 8 January 2020 within a week. Official Kyiv also insists Iran provide all the necessary information for a full and unbiased investigation into the plane crash. Ukraine’s General Prosecutor office press service informs about this.

“International law, in particular, the Montreal Convention, which has been ratified by Iran, obliges us to investigate the plane crash causes objectively and provide complete and impartial information. “The civilian aircraft’s shooting down and killing of 176 passengers and crew members – citizens of Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, Iran, Afghanistan and Sweden – cannot be a state military secret, though Iran constantly appeals this, explaining the failure of providing information,” Deputy General Prosecutor Gunduz Mamedov said.

He expressed hope that Ukraine would receive all the necessary information as a result of the talks in the nearest future.

Besides, following the second round of talks between Ukraine and Iran on the UIA plane crash, Tehran undertook to send to Ukraine a piece of evidence, namely a flight crew tablet, which the Ukrainian search team found in the first days after the crash.

According to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin, Iran is ready to restore the truth and justice in the case of the shooting down of the Ukrainian aircraft as soon as possible.

To recap, during the negotiations, the parties checked the documents sent within the limits of the international legal aid for 10 months. As it turned out, since January 2020, the General Prosecutor Office has sent inquiries but received only generalised responses to them. A document about six suspects in the Ukrainian plane’s crash in Iran was ignored.

Bohdan Marusyak

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