Kyiv Reacted to Minsk’s Sanctions’ Imposing Statement

Foreign minister

Ukraine did not interfere in the Belarus internal affairs and did not harm the neighbouring state.  Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba declared this, commenting on the Minsk’s statement about the preparation of a sanctions list against Ukrainian officials.

“For me, this statement by Belarusian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Makei is not a piece of news. We predicted a similar step by the Belarusian side. We remain the final decision on possible sanctions for the Belarusian authorities’ consideration,” Kuleba said.

He also stressed that the list of sanctions is still under preparation and the Belarusian side has not yet sent any information about the possible introduction of restrictions against Ukrainian officials through official channels.

To recap, on Thursday, 26 November, Belarusian Foreign Minister Volodymyr Makei stated that Minsk planned to impose sanctions on several Ukrainian officials for EU restrictions on the Oleksandr Lukashenka regime support.

Bohdan Marusyak

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