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‘Like Weapons’: Ukrainians Use Social Networks to Arouse Resistance

In 2014, when Russia annexed the Ukrainian Crimea, Marta Barandiy established the non-governmental media centre Promote Ukraine. In February, when the full-scale invasion began, the organisation’s volunteer ranks grew and expanded their online presence.

Today, dozens of volunteers spend their days publishing information on the Internet. Some work remotely from Europe, while others share current reports from various Ukrainian cities. “We try to be a broad communication platform for Ukrainians who are in Ukraine, as well as for Ukrainians who left the country and have something to say,” said Barandiy. Her group translates reports from government sources and volunteers from different parts of Ukraine into English, and this week began holding press conferences to further disseminate the stories.

Some of the group volunteers work at the Ukrainian civil society headquarters recently established at the European Parliament premises in Brussels.

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