The Ukrainian authorities need to carry out a number of reforms, in particular in the judiciary, to avoid regression on the European integration path. This is stated in the report on the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement implementation, which was approved by the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs on Tuesday, 10 November.

“The path the country has pursued since the Revolution of Dignity is impressive. Huge challenges remain: continued Russian aggression, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the activities of those who continue to disregard the Rule of Law and anti-corruption efforts. The real reformers in Ukraine deserve our continued support in order to meet the expectations of their citizens,” said MEP Michael Gahler, Standing Rapporteur on Ukraine.

The document also points out that Ukraine has made progress in reforms, particularly in the fields of agriculture, energy, banking, decentralisation, digital economy, environment and electoral procedures.

At the same time, MEPs believe that the unreformed judiciary, which is one of the least-trusted institutions in Ukraine, poses a threat. In addition, the EU is disappointed with the lack of progress in dismantling oligarchies in the country. “Substantial results in the fight against corruption are essential if support for reform is to be maintained among citizens,” the European Parliament’s press release reads.

This report is yet to be considered by all MEPs at a plenary session. A resolution adopted on its basis will become the official stance of the European Parliament.

Bohdan Marusyak

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