New U.S. Sanctions Against Russia over Navalny Poisoning


A US senators bipartisan group has introduced a bill in the Congress upper house that provides for new sanctions against Russia over the criminal activity of Vladimir Putin’s regime. The website of Senator Marco Rubio reported this.

Besides him, Senators Chris Koons, Ben Cardin, Mitt Romney and Chris Van Hollen were the authors of an “Act on bringing Russia to justice for malicious activity – 2020.”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio explained that the bill “provided for the targeted sanctions against Russian officials who have been complicit in brazen violations of international law, including the recent poisoning of opposition leader and active anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny.”

The possible sanctions in the bill include asset freezing and the refusal to issue visas. The bill requests the administration to determine whether the Kremlin has violated U.S. laws banning the use of chemical and biological weapons.

“While Russia continues to interfere in our elections and commit other crimes in countries such as Belarus, Ukraine and Syria, increasing the danger to the world, this bill aims to prosecute Putin and his inner circle,” one of the initiators of the document, Democratic Senator Chris Koons said.

Natalia Tolub

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