President Zelensky: Information on Supply of Phosphorus Bombs from Ukraine to Azerbaijan ‒ Russian Fake

Vladimir Zelensky

The Ukrainian state has never supplied any phosphorus bombs anywhere, especially to hot spots. President Volodymyr Zelensky wrote on his Facebook page in response to accusations by Russian-Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, who stated that Ukraine had supplied weapons to Azerbaijan.

“Ukraine has never and nowhere supplied any phosphorus bombs whatsoever. Moreover, to places where it is already hot and where there are already a lot of hotheads who want to cope with something there ‘geopolitically,'” the State’s Head declared.

According to him, such information attacks are not appearing for the first time. In particular, at first, they lied about Ukraine and the war in Donbas, then they lied about Ukraine and the war in Syria. Now, it appears in the context of the war in Nagorny Karabakh.

“It is definitely unnecessary to take on the role of somebody’s fake carrier. I understand what and why Russian propaganda performs, and why it lies totally… And everything is done by the same people … Therefore, before saying something about Ukraine, one needs to truthfully answer a simple question oneself: who benefits from falsehood about wars and about Ukraine?” the President asked.

In his opinion, the truth will be revealed if one only critically evaluates the information in the media space, given how many fake throws there have been performed in recent years. Zelensky stressed that it is well known in Ukraine who disseminates such “information” and why.

“We already have the immunity to all this. So does Europe. And you need to form it as soon as possible. Because it’s like Covid ‒ a very insidious enemy who knows no bounds. Therefore, wash your hands more often after contacts with well-known propaganda,” the Head of State advised.

At the same time, he stressed that Ukraine opposes any bloody conflicts, does not support escalation, and does not fuel the confrontation because it has been living in a state of a brutal war for seven years.

“We are categorically against wars and against provocations on military issues. This is confirmed by our desire for peace,” the President emphasised.

Besides, Zelensky addressed Andreasyan personally about where he was when the war came to Ukraine and when Ukrainian citizens, including those of Armenian origin, died.

“What did you personally say then against this aggression? Nothing? I understand as it wasn’t your war! And today it has become scary because this horror came to your home. For me personally, everything is simple and clear: I am always exclusively for peace. And Ukraine certainly does support no weapons supply to anyone. Unlike another famous country, that just supplies weapons to everyone. Because wars for it are bread and blood. Morality cannot be double ‒ for oneself and for others. Think about it,” Zelensky advised.

Earlier it was reported that Russian-Armenian filmmaker, scenarist, and producer Sarik Andreasyan addressed the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky via Instagram and accused him of supplying phosphorus bombs to Azerbaijan. The men have known each other for a long time. Ten years ago Zelensky starred in Andreasyan’s comedy film.

Bohdan Marusyak

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