● What: Demonstration and flash mob in support of Ukraine during EU FAC
● When & where: 23 January 2023, 13:00-14:00, Schuman roundabout, Brussels
● Relevance: The Council will have Ukraine on the agenda, activists will demand more weapons and sanctions.
● Organiser: Promote Ukraine – Brussels-based non-profit media, civil society and advocacy organisation. European Citizen’s Prize Awardee 2022

On 23 January, Promote Ukraine is gathering people to remind ministers that EU should react properly to the Russian terror towards Ukrainian civilians. The 5-ton bombs are being thrown on the apartment blocks (most recent – Dnipro, 14.01.2023), civilians in many cities and towns are forced to spend their days in bomb shelters, with no heating, electricity or running water.

Therefore, Promote Ukraine asks the EU Council for more support to help Ukraine defend itself and bring peace to Europe. To achieve this, the EU Council must:

1. Develop a legal mechanism to recognise Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism at the EU level and a complete economic and political isolation of a terrorist state. Use the momentum and recent escape of Wagner fighter to Norway to recognise the Wagner group as a terrorist organisation.
2. Provide more military support. Ukraine especially needs Leopard tanks, long-range missiles and air defence systems.
3. Introduce more ambitious sanctions in the following packages that must include:

● A complete ban on the import of uranium from Russia and services related to its enrichment and construction of nuclear power plants. Introduce sanctions against Rosatom.
● Close access for Russia to all cloud services and software that can be used for military purposes, and ban the supply of industrial equipment and components for the reproduction or use of IT (for more information).
● Lower oil price cap to 55 EUR, the real cost of its extraction.
● A complete ban on the import of diamonds from Russia.
● Introduce effective mechanisms to control sanction circumvention.

The demonstration will also include a flash mob to thank citizens in the EU member states for uniting and continuing to support Ukraine during this difficult time.

One day before the manifestation, Ukrainians will celebrate the Day of Unity. In 1919, on this day, Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic united to form an independent state. One year later, Soviet Union occupied Ukraine, and its totalitarian rule lasted until Ukraine’s independence in 1991. Besides, on this same day in 1990, Ukrainians formed one of the largest human chains of unity in Europe’s history – 3 million people, spreading more than 600 km. Today, Russia is trying to occupy and divide Ukraine, only United Europe can stop it.

Please confirm your participation by providing the name of your media to info@promoteukraine.org.

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