Problems of Ukrainian Exporters: Corruption in Customs and Unfavourable Foreign Exchange Regulations

Assistance in establishing relations with trade representatives, search for partners in target markets, analysis of possible markets, information support, training, and organisation of B2B meetings – these are the types of state support Ukrainian exporters currently lack. Such results of the survey among entrepreneurs were presented at the Export and Investment Support Committee of the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In particular, 124 companies exporting their products to the EU, Asia, Africa, and the United States took part in the survey. They work in the construction industry, agriculture, food, light and chemical industries, mechanical engineering, etc.

Entrepreneurs outlined the following key problems they face during exports:

  • Bureaucratised process of obtaining permits
  • Complicated customs clearance and process of obtaining licenses and permits
  • Complicated compliance with all the requirements needed for imports in importing countries
  • Lack of sufficient knowledge of a foreign language to work with exports
  • Lack of information about institutions and organisations that promote exports
  • High duty rates in importing countries

The corruption component in customs, unfavourable foreign currency regulation, irrecoverable VAT, and other problems were also mentioned.

Natalia Tolub

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