For 5 years Promote Ukraine has been cooperating with the Dzherelo Training and Rehabilitation Center (Lviv).

This institution was established by volunteers and parents more than 25 years ago. The training and rehabilitation center provides quality family-centered services for children and youth with special needs and children at risk.

It all started with 5 children, and today the center serves more than 250 people daily. There are also consultations for parents, there is an exchange of experience with professionals from all over Ukraine.

Currently, the Dzherelo team includes more than 150 physiotherapists, ergo therapists, speech therapists, social workers, teachers, tutors, assistants, and other highly qualified specialists.

For the last 10 years, Dzherelo’s expenses have been partially covered by the Lviv budget, yet the center cannot function fully without charitable contributions. For normal work you need about 6 million UAH (200 thousand euros) per year.

Children and youth of Dzherelo have been in quarantine for more than 2 months now. Realizing that the pupils of the center are at risk, specialists provide online recommendations to parents, conduct distance learning, deliver food, and basic necessities.

Due to quarantine restrictions and the crisis, the center itself needs financial support. Dzherelo tries to keep the team in these difficult conditions and provide each employee with a salary that is not much higher than the minimum. And in this, they count on the help of all concerned people.

We will be grateful for any donation made for those, who help the most vulnerable social group every day in difficult times.

We believe that together we will raise the necessary funds for the further continuous work of Dzherelo in this difficult year of 2020.

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