The changes taking place in Russia may return humanity to the days of bloc confrontation, if not destroy Putin’s army in Ukraine. The Kremlin created a scenario of a protracted war, which should go beyond the borders of Ukraine and take place on the territory of Europe, because in Putin’s plans, this should be the result of his rule. This is an unprecedented civilizational challenge to the West, which could lead to the bloodiest war in human history. It is extremely important not to give Russia the opportunity to adapt to the realities of war and impose it on Europe. The Russian army must be critically exhausted in Ukraine with the help of Western weapons

Putin decided on a protracted war, the architect of which he sees himself. During 2023, significant changes will take place in the Russian army: it will be practically doubled and two new military districts will be created right next to the borders of Europe. In Russia, they not only do not rule out the possibility of war with Europe, but are also actively preparing for offensive actions. Putin challenged all civilized humanity: he is guided by illusory geopolitical illusions and considers himself Peter I of modern times. He is ready to kill millions of Russians in war, but he will not back down from expansion. And he a priori left the West no other option than to defend itself with weapons.

Despite the official statements of the Kremlin, which speak of the increase of the Russian army to 1.5 million people, in fact it will be increased to 2 million. The conscription age has also been increased to 30 years, and conscript soldiers will be sent to the front. Such changes in the Soviet/Russian army never happened after 1945. The Russian military budget has also been increased unprecedentedly. In fact, all the economic power of Russia will be directed to the production of weapons. Putin is de facto starting an “arms race” that he wants to impose on the West.

It is extremely important to stop Putin’s army in Ukraine: this can be done with the help of a drastic increase in the supply of weapons to Ukraine. The Russian army is still vulnerable to Western weapons and is in a degraded state. However, Putin is doing everything possible to properly prepare and arm it. It is necessary to critically exhaust it in Ukraine, while there is still time.

The fate of humanity is being decided in Ukraine. Whether Western civilization will remain in its current form depends on providing support to Ukraine, which is the de facto shield of Europe. The Armed Forces have proven their effectiveness at the front, Russia has suffered a number of heavy defeats, but Putin will mobilize half a million Russians in the coming months just to send them to the front. He dreams of transferring hostilities to the territory of Europe and wants to qualitatively modernize his army. Russia always won protracted wars, but quickly lost blitzkriegs. Delaying the provision of support to Ukraine means getting a war in European cities.

Ukraine is in dire need of Western support at this crucial stage of the war. Providing weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is an investment in the peaceful future of Europe. The supply of heavy armored vehicles, artillery, MLRS and long-range missiles to Ukraine should now become a priority for Europe, because only in this way can a third world war be avoided.


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