Russia May Use Situation in Afghanistan Against Ukraine


The situation in Afghanistan may affect Ukraine, said Deputy Foreign Minister Yevheniy Yenin.

“Since the world is quite globalised, all this will have a direct impact on the security and migration situation in Ukraine. We are aware of the long-honed methods of both the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, which have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to worsen or adversely affect the security or migration situation in partner countries, including the European Union,” he said.

In turn, Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center, believes that the reaction of not only Russia but also the U.S. president to the situation in Afghanistan, with the rapid seizure of the country’s territory by the Taliban, should be especially revealing for Ukraine. In particular, she drew attention to Biden’s demonstrative conviction that he had absolutely no regrets about the decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and considered it an absolutely correct step.

“Biden believes that American support and assistance should not be indefinite in time for countries that cannot use it properly. The U.S. president has repeatedly made it clear that every country in which the United States invests human and financial resources has a certain period of time during which it must justify these investments. The question arises whether Biden thinks that a certain ‘term’ of support and assistance exists for Ukraine?” the expert noted.

Natalia Tolub

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