Ukrainian experts claim that the Russian Federation has more than doubled its military potential on the peninsula since the beginning of the occupation of Crimea. The National Space Facilities Control And Test Centre of Ukraine records new military facilities, the Crimea.Realities portal reported.

In particular, one of the latest photos shows the occupied village of Novoozerne, not far from Lake Donuzlav. At the end of 2020, a military base appeared there. According to the head of the Centre, Serhiy Yanchevsky, there were ruined buildings on this site back in 2018.

“Already in 2019 and during 2020, a large military unit appeared here. This is a storage base in case of war. For example, when mobilisation is carried out, people need to be armed with something and the weapons are stored in such a place. These are hundreds of artillery systems, armoured vehicles, etc.,” he explained.

Space images also show that new radar stations and at least eight S-400 missile systems have recently been deployed near the occupied Kerch. The Russian military installed a huge radio antenna with a diameter of about 30 meters on the outskirts of the occupied Yevpatoria. Today, the Russian military and space forces are based in the same city, in the former Ukrainian Space Centre.

Another military facility has been built near the occupied Sevastopol. In 2016, they began to build a radio engineering station with a dozen satellite dishes, with an average diameter of about five meters each.

The Space Centre recorded dozens of different new buildings and upgrades carried out by Russia in the occupied Crimea. These data are then sent to the Security Service of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for analysis and assessment of threats emanating from Crimea and Russia.

As a reminder, in December last year, the UN General Assembly supported a draft enhanced resolution of Ukraine on the problem of militarisation of Crimea by the Russian Federation. The main purpose of the document is to ensure the withdrawal of the Russian military from the occupied Crimea.

Bohdan Marusyak

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