Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said that citizens of several countries, including Russians, had been detained on suspicion of the links to the attacker who had carried out the terrorist attack in Vienna. Die Presse reported about this.

According to the Minister, the terrorist attack in Vienna was committed by one person, a 20-year-old offender previously convicted in Austria for participation in a terrorist organisation activity. Nehammer said that the police checked more than 20,000 videos sent by people, which confirmed the hypothesis about one attacker.

Among the 14 detainees in the terrorist attack case are not only Austrians but also men from Bangladesh, Macedonia, Turkey, and the Russian Federation.

Some of them have dual citizenship as the attacker, who is also a citizen of Northern Macedonia.

To recap, several shootings took place in the centre of Vienna on the evening of 2 November. Four people became victims of acts of terrorism – two women and two men. Militiamen shot the offender.

Natalia Tolub

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