Russia uses the Brazil riots to spread provocative information, particularly, about the alleged participation of Ukrainian right-wing radicals in them in support the President Jair Bolsonaro.

This was stated by the Ambassador of Ukraine to Brazil Rostislav Tronenko.

“According to the Brazilians, recent events indicate that Russia conducts an operation to discredit Ukraine following all the hybrid warfare rules. This is also evidenced by the recognizable infamous stamps about the role of the OUN, UPA, Stepan Bandera and others. Time passes, while the patterns of Soviet-Russian propaganda about “Ukrainian bourgeois nationalism” remain the same, ” the diplomat said.

In his opinion, Russia does not like the warm relations that have been set up between the presidents of Ukraine and Brazil after the personal meeting in Tokyo in October 2019 and the strategic partnership agreements they have reached.

The ambassador reminded that during the recent demonstrations in Brazilian President Jairo Bolsonaro support, their participants traditionally used the flags of еру countries which the Head of State is in sympathy with – the United States, Israel, Spain and the blue-yellow-green flag of Brazil.

At one of the actions a red and black flag with a white Ukrainian trident was noticed. Russian propaganda used the moment immediately to make baseless accusations that the pro-government demonstrators allegedly “used the symbols of the national liberation movement “Right Sector “, which imitates the ideas of the OUN-UPA and promotes neo-Nazism.”

According to Tronenko, the Embassy of Ukraine and the Ambassador personally gave an explanation on this occasion at the level of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

Besides, Russian propagandists dispel the fake that the riots in Sao Paulo could be related to the Ukrainian symbols use, because at one of the actions a man with a Ukrainian flag was noticed.

Tronenko clarified that local media found a Brazilian holding Ukrainian flags during the demonstration. He has been working in a security agency in Ukraine for the last 6 years, is married to a Ukrainian citizen, has nothing to do with the “Right Sector” and rejects the association of the symbols with right-wing radical movements.

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