Supreme Anti-Corruption Court Closed the Second Case for False Declaration

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court has closed a case against Energy and Coal Industry Minister Ihor Nasalik for the delivery of false declaration. The court’s press service reports about this.

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court panel closed the criminal proceedings based on the Constitutional Court’s decision to abolish Article 366-1 of the Criminal Code, which had set up the liability for a false declaration.

During the court hearing, the prosecutor stated that there were no grounds to continue the case and to support the public prosecution at the court.

However, the suspect objected to the case’s closure and insisted on the trial’s continuation to be acquitted on all charges.

Besides, the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court closed the case over the declaration of the fallacious information against the MP of the VIII convocation, Maxim Polyakov, yesterday

To recap, Promote Ukraine informed about the scandalous decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine to cancel electronic declaration and thus remove criminal liability for the declaration of unreliable information.

Natalia Tolub

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