Several Telegram channels have appeared on the Internet, which for money publish personal data of Ukrainians, including information about driver’s licenses. According to the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Security Service of Ukraine is already conducting investigative actions against criminals, and the application “Diia” is in no way related to the “drain” of data.

The head of the ministry Mykhaylo Fedorov wrote on his Facebook page that “preliminary analysis of the bot’s information shows the use of old databases, which have been available in Darknet for many years. In particular, we are talking about the database of Privatbank (before nationalization), as well as other private (non-state) databases. For example, passwords from Vkontakte, Linkedin are available in the bot”.

In addition, officials say that data leakage from the application “Diia” is impossible, because it doesn’t have its own database, doesn’t accumulate such information, and “the amount of information available in the bot, in tens or even hundreds of times, exceeds that with which “Diia” works.

The Ministry of Digital Transformation noted that in Ukraine there are 9.5 million driver’s licenses, 6.5 million of which are reflected in “Diia”. Information about 26 million driver’s licenses has appeared on the Internet. “

According to MP Yegor Chernev, the authors of the provocation achieved the main goal – to create the panic and damage the reputation of the application “Diia”, which “has become one of the real successes of Ukraine of recent times”.

It will be recalled that the other day rumors began to spread on the Internet that a large-scale database of 26 million driver’s licenses had allegedly been leaked through the “Diia” mobile application.

The brand and the concept of the application “Diia” were presented on September 27, 2019 in Kyiv. In December 2019, test access for the application was opened to five thousand users who submitted applications. The application can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Play Market.

“Diia” is a service from the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, which will combine government services and documents in electronic form. Currently, the ID-card and foreign passport of Ukrainians are available, as well as driver’s licenses, student and military tickets and other important documents. This is a government project within the idea of ​​”state in a smartphone”. By the end of 2020, they plan to digitize up to 50 of the most common public services.

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