Two years of a full-scale invasion in Ukraine, two years of full-scale war in Europe. Such an anniversary was unthinkable in the 21st century, yet as time passes, the conflict slips from the focus of politics, media, and society.

The weight of this anniversary can’t be overstated. Two years of death, loss, and resilience demand our attention and collective action! War cannot be tolerated, it cannot be forgotten, and it cannot be paused. We cannot accept war in Europe!

European values—our freedom, democracy, and respect for the law—are under threat from the barbaric Russian invasion. It’s not just on Ukrainian soil; Russia aims to sow disruption and conflicts through European media, businesses, social networks, political cabinets, economic and energy space, and even culture. We must protect Europe! We must stand by Ukraine!

Join us in the Ukrainian march, a powerful commemoration on 25 February at 11:00 a.m. near the Rogier metro station in Brussels. Let’s unite in solidarity, amplifying our voices to show unwavering support for freedom, democracy, and humanity.

Our march aligns with the critical upcoming European elections. The outcome is pivotal for Europe’s future, its resistance against Russian aggression, and support for the Ukrainian people. It’s a potent statement in the heart of Europe, reminding leaders and citizens that Ukraine’s fate is tied to the broader European fight for democracy and human rights.

Come, join us, and bring your friends. Now, more than ever, Ukraine’s victory depends on our collective voice. Let’s ensure the second anniversary isn’t just a reflection but a rallying cry for a future founded on freedom, democracy, and humanity.

Glory to Ukraine! 

Promote Ukraine Team

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