During the winter, the “Point of Resilience,” implemented by Promote Ukraine with the support of the European Parliament and Brussels City Hall, opened in Kyiv. The “Point of Resilience” is now located at Stadionna Street 14, near the railway station in Kyiv. Everybody can go there and get warm food and drinks, use electricity, and go online to study, work, or contact their families or friends.

Point of resilience

Promote Ukraine expresses great gratitude to the European Parliament, the Brussels City Hall, and personally to the mayor of the city Philippe Close, thanks to which a Ukrainian chalet operated at the Christmas market in December. We were able to collect funds there for the purchase of everything necessary to maintain the “Point of Resilience” — a tent, a generator, a starlink, a heater, food and drinks, furniture, and a children’s corner.

Point of resilience
Point of resilience

Thank you to everyone who supports us!

Glory to Ukraine.

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Promote Ukraine Team

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