Ukraine Improved Its International Position in the Fight against Money Laundering

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The Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe on the Evaluation of Measures to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (MONEYVAL) has published a report on Ukraine’s progress. Namely, this was in the framework of the 5th round of assessments in the field of prevention and counteraction to legalisation (laundering) of proceeds from crime and terrorist financing (PMC/TF). This was reported by the Ministry of Finance.
The report demonstrates the positive dynamics of Ukraine in the process of approximation of national legislation in the field of PMC / TF to international standards.
The MONEYVAL Committee reviewed a number of legislative, regulatory, and institutional measures taken by Ukraine to address the shortcomings identified by the Council of Europe as a result of the 2017 field assessment. It notes Ukraine’s progress in two key areas: improving criminal law relating to the crime of terrorist financing, and strengthening sanctions against financial institutions and other entities for non-compliance with anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing legislation.
Natalia Tolub
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