Ukrainian authorities will not publish the number of losses in the war yet. All killed, wounded and captured individuals are registered because every citizen is important, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with the BBC.

“There is information that we do not share. This is our decision—the joint decision of all the military. But we record everything. Every person is important to us. And there are all the numbers. Unfortunately, there are victims. There are, unfortunately, dead and injured. We care how many people suffered, how many people died,” the Head of State noted.

commemoration of the victims

He also emphasised that the authorities know the number of prisoners and people “who are not with us today,” but there are relevant government decisions not to disclose these data.

The day before, Zelensky said Ukraine needed more time to launch a counteroffensive. The military awaits the delivery of promised aid from the allies, in particular armoured vehicles, without which great human losses are possible.

“With what we already have, we can go forward, and, I think, be successful. But we’d lose a lot of people. I think that’s unacceptable. So, we need to wait. We still need a bit more time,” the President said.

As a reminder, the Ukrainian authorities are not giving the exact number of soldiers killed or wounded in the war with Russia. From time to time, foreign intelligence agencies and mass media make certain assumptions about this, but none of these figures have been officially confirmed in Ukraine.

Bohdan Marusyak

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