Ukraine was ranked 92nd in the world welfare ranking compiled by the international analytical organisation Legatum Institute. That is the worst level among all the Eastern European countries.

Ukraine’s position is significantly affected by the war in Donbas, which reduces security. Besides, the analysts say that Ukraine has the worst situation (93rd place) in the field of freedom of assembly and association. Equal rights for all religions should also be improved, although the tolerance rate has increased.

In general, compared to the last year, Ukraine rose by four positions and in 11 years fell by six.

Besides, researchers note that the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the well-being of all countries in 2020. However, the world as a whole has shown a positive trend of prosperity over the last decade. “147 of the 167 countries in the index have shown an increase in prosperity over the past decade, creating a solid foundation for overcoming the current pandemic,” the Legatum Institute said.

167 countries were evaluated in the ranking. Denmark tops the rating, followed by Norway and Switzerland. Russia occupied the 76th position, Belarus was assessed as 69th. The worst indicators of prosperity were shown by the Central African Republic (166th place) and South Sudan (the last, 167th place).

For a country’s prosperity index calculation, 12 items were taken into account: security, personal freedom, governance, social capital, investment climate, business conditions, market access and infrastructure, economic quality, living conditions, health, education, and environment.

Natalia Tolub

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