In 2023, the state budget of Ukraine has already received 7.5 billion euros in preferential funds from the EU. The total volume of financing under the specified programme has reached 18 billion euros.

Funds are provided on unprecedented preferential terms for Ukraine and are directed to the financing of priority expenditures of the state budget.

“Preferential funds from the EU partners, within the framework of EU macro-financial assistance, allow us to finance priority expenses in a timely manner and in full, in particular, to support Ukrainian citizens. EU financial assistance is a significant contribution to Ukraine’s victory over the aggressor. I am grateful to my European colleagues for understanding the state’s financial needs, as well as the timely and rhythmic provision of funds,” said Minister of Finance of Ukraine Serhiy Marchenko.

Ukraine help

The next tranches within the framework of the large-scale MFA programme will go to the state budget during 2023, taking into account Ukraine’s fulfillment of the conditions agreed on by the parties.

Natalia Tolub

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