The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution which defines the procedure for compiling a list of critical information infrastructure facilities and entering them in the state register at their meeting on Friday, 9 October.

As the Ministry of Digital Transformation reported, the Cabinet of Ministers has identified critical infrastructure facilities, which include the enterprises, institutions, and organisations, which are strategically essential for the state. They will become the object of an information security audit conduction and assessment of potential danger level for all these facilities.

“A cyberattack on such facilities will affect their functioning, and the potential risks are dangerous for the state. These are the enterprises and institutions in the fields of energy, chemical industry, transport, technology and electronic communications, banking, and financial sector. Violation of their systems will cause emergencies and harm the environmental, energy, and economic security state as well as defence capabilities. Therefore, such facilities require special attention for cyber defence,” said Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

One reports that the document also defines the mechanisms and criteria for the inclusion of objects in the specified list and category of criticality. The main criteria will be whether the disruption of the stable operation of these facilities leads to emergencies or danger to the state.

To recap, hackers recently attacked the National Police of Ukraine website and published the fakes there. As a result, erroneous information was published on four regional offices pages of the National Police.

Bohdan Marusyak

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