Ukraine needs to review the terms of the Association Agreement with the European Union. This was stated in an interview with DW by Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration of Ukraine Vadym Prystayko.

In his opinion, most quotas on duty-free supplies of Ukrainian goods to the European Union “do not suit producers.”

“Now is a very good time, because the historical time has come when we can review the conditions, and our manufacturers are waiting for a review of the conditions. Because most of the quotas that have been set no longer suit us, we have passed the stage of the first contacts with the European Union in the framework of the tariff-free trade agreement. I hope that we will review it,” Prystayko said.

He also said that the EU and Ukrainian authorities are also working to deepen cooperation in the digital market, cooperation in customs, justice, security, and defense.

In addition, the high-ranking official stressed that now the authorities of European countries are appealing to Ukraine for workers for seasonal agricultural work. The government does not restrict Ukrainian workers, but only tries to coordinate the movement of migrants by organizing charter flights between countries.

“We do not review contracts, help or hinder the conclusion of these contracts. We don’t ask what people are going to do, we don’t find out how much they are paid,” Prystayko assured.

It will be recalled that the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine entered into force in full in September 2017.

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