All Western air defence systems complement the Soviet equipment of Ukraine, which also works quite effectively against enemy targets, the spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Force, Yuriy Ihnat, said during a national telethon.

“We are strengthening our air force; all defence forces are strengthening their air defence. A short-range air defence system, of course, does not have such a distance to destroy air targets, but if there are more of them, the result will be better,” Ihnat said.

He noted that Russia no longer had enough missiles, but it was increasing the production of kamikaze drones. The occupiers using drones can strike at energy infrastructure facilities in the autumn.

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“The Ukrainians are ready. I think that energy workers have prepared for negative scenarios, and the air defence is also, of course, ready. A year ago, we did not have Western medium-range air-defence systems at all. We got the first NASAMS and IRIS in a very limited number in the autumn. Today, we have such a variety of air defence equipment, which can’t be found anywhere in the whole world,” Ihnat added.

All Western systems complement the Soviet-era equipment that still operates quite effectively. These are, for example, the S-300 and Buk.

“All this ‘vinegret’ works and brings results. The only question is that this is not enough, the country is large, and it is necessary to organise air defence systems locally to protect facilities, cities, and strategic infrastructure,” the spokesman for the Air Force explained.

Meanwhile, on the night of Sunday, 3 September, Russian aggressors launched several waves of attacks using Shahed-136/131 kamikaze drones on the Danube port infrastructure in the Odesa region. In total, the enemy used 25 drones, of which 22 were destroyed.

Bohdan Marusyak

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