The active fight against the aggressor country continues in cyberspace. From 30 May to 5 June, the Ukrainian IT army attacked about 600 Russian online resources, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine reports.

In particular, the Internet providers and regional media outlets were targeted.

“Hundreds of regional media outlets that disseminate Putin’s propaganda and support the war against Ukraine have been taken down steadily for weeks,” reads the Ministry’s statement.

In addition, over the past week, the IT military set to attack Russia’s information systems (IS) which collect, search, process, and transmit information. The attacks made it difficult for the Russians to use such systems.

In particular, the IS of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Russian Federation, IS of housing construction, IS of a site on land and real estate, IS of seed production, etc. were targeted.

On 5 June, the unknown hacked the website of the Ministry of Construction and Housing of Russia.

The hackers, who introduced themselves as the team, demanded that 0.5 BTC be paid by 7 June, otherwise, the information about the site’s users would be made public.

The hackers also changed the title of the site to the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”

Bohdan Marusyak

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