Coerced negotiations – how Putin regains his power

After 5 years of resisting the breach of international law by the Kremlin, Western politicians have eventually intensified bringing Russia back on the table of their decision-making. Last week "Interparliamentary dialogue for peace: Ukraine-Russia-Germany-France" took place […]

Burisma under hackers’ attack

The tensions in the world keep running high. Recent frequent reports of hacking wars and virtual world hacking attacks also add anxiety. Cyber-attacks or cyber-fraud cases occur in the world every 14 seconds. Large corporations […]

Appeasement Emboldens

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Giving in to the Kremlin’s Rules of the Game

[caption id="attachment_2611" align="alignnone" width="1800"] Merkel - Putin[/caption] By visiting Moscow on Saturday, the 11 of January Angela Merkel gave a sign that she refused to admit that Putin was intentionally part of the problems of […]