Ukraine in Europe: Image in April 2019

The surrealistic presidential elections in Ukraine provoked a real surge in Europe’s information space. The story of a comedian, without any prior political experience, who suddenly turned into a president, became central on TV news, […]

Image of Ukraine in Europe

With the entry into force of the visa-free regime with the EU, the NGO Promote Ukraine conducted a survey in which it interviewed Europeans from different European countries and compared the theses of Russian propaganda […]

Ukraine in the Eyes of Europeans

With the entry into force of the visa-free regime, the organization "Promote Ukraine" made a video of the opinion of Europeans about Ukraine and Ukrainians. The presentation of the research was presented at a roundtable […]

Music for Life for Ukraine

[embed][/embed] Promote Ukraine joined the circuit of charitable events which usually hold Europe in its grip during Christmas time. For the first time, Ukraine was on the “good goals” list of Music for life, a […]

Manneken Pis becomes a Ukrainian

24 August 2014 Manneken Pis became a Ukrainian. Organized by Promote Ukraine [embed][/embed] [gallery link="file" size="full" columns="2" ids="4490,4491,4492,4493,4494,4495,4496,4497,4498,4499,4500,4501" orderby="rand"] [embed][/embed]