Restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and implementing President Zelensky’s Peace Formula will bring real peace, not appeasement of the aggressor.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba made a corresponding statement in his remarks at the opening of the Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform.

The minister emphasised that real peace involves restoring Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders, returning the Crimean Tatars the opportunity to live safely on their native land in Ukrainian Crimea.

“This is what we are fighting for, and today’s conference is dedicated to this. How not only to win but also to restore real, lasting peace,” he stressed.

Kuleba noted that Crimea cannot remain under the control of Russia which will once again use it as a launching pad for new aggression and establishing control over the Black Sea.

“The International Crimea Platform has proven its effectiveness. This mechanism united peace-loving countries that reject aggression and occupation. All the countries that are part of it share the belief that Crimea is Ukraine and Ukraine’s control of it should be restored,” the minister noted.

Dmytro Kuleba Ukraine
Dmytro Kuleba Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

The foreign minister also emphasised that Ukraine categorically rejects any statements that present Crimea as a special region, somehow different from the rest of Ukraine. After all, there is no difference between Simferopol, Kherson, Donetsk, or Luhansk. All this is Ukrainian land that Russia is trying to steal.

“Ukraine calls for the demilitarisation of the Black Sea so that all peace-loving countries that respect international law can again use our common sea for trade and travel, live freely without fear of Russian warships. I call on partners to be persistent on the way to this goal,” the minister summed up.

Kuleba also called for practical steps to strengthen security in the Black Sea region.

“We call for the integration of the air defence and missile defence systems of Ukraine and NATO allies in the region of the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. The events of the past year demonstrated that security in the Baltic-Black Sea region is indivisible, a threat to one is a threat to all,” he underscored.

Natalia Tolub

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