EU Accepted Third Sanctions Bundle Against Lukashenka Regime

Oleksandr Lukashenko

EU countries have adopted the third sanctions bundle against the regime of Alexander Lukashenka in Belarus. EU ambassadors unanimously approved visa and property bans for another 29 individuals and, for the first time, for several companies.

So, the new penalty list, besides individuals, includes seven Belarusian companies and organisations.

Blacklisted companies will no longer be able to proceed with business in the European Union. Their property in the EU will be frozen.

It is known that the European Union imposed sanctions on 40 officials from Belarus in October. In November, the EU expanded the list, including Alexander Lukashenka and 14 other people.

To recap, mass protests against the falsification of the 9 August presidential election results, in which Alexander Lukashenka was declared the winner, continue in Belarus.

Natalia Tolub

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