In connection with the vaccination start in the EU, Europol warns of possible fraud on the Internet, especially with proposals to vaccinate from unknown people. Deutsche Welle reported this.

According to Europol chief Catherine de Ball, there is a grave danger that criminals will take advantage of the high demand, which will affect people’s health correspondingly.

She said that ads for the sale of the COVID-19 vaccine have already appeared on social networks. Those who respond to them will either receive nothing or a counterfeit drug.

Europol also emphasises the possibility of attacks and the theft of vaccines.

“During the first lockdown, gangs attacked, for example, vehicles carrying protective masks. Now, there is such danger with the vaccine,” de Ball explained.

To recap, all the European Union member states received COVID-19 vaccines on 26 December. Mass vaccination started on 27 December. For the equal terms provision, its delivery to all the members was simultaneous. The vaccines currently collected in the EU should be enough for the 450 million people in the EU and the European Economic Area.

Instead, developing countries will use the AstraZeneca vaccine. It will cost several times less than the more technologically advanced Pfizer and Moderna developments.

Currently, the Minister of Health of Ukraine stated that, most likely, our country will receive vaccines from AstraZeneca in the second quarter of 2021. Eight million doses of the vaccine (i.e. for 4 million people) will be provided for free within the co-operation with the Global Coronavirus Vaccine Fund. Though in Ukrainian pharmacies, the vaccine may appear just in fall 2021.

Natalia Tolub

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