In Belarus, activists again organise mass riots against the Lukashenka regime. The riots in the “local” format have been going on in Minsk for the third week in a row. Protesters meet in the backyards of homes and march in columns to points in each city’s district.

In addition to water cannons, armoured vehicles, other special equipment, and dog handlers with dogs were observed in some districts of Minsk. The Belarus Internal Forces’ press-service told reporters that the dogs were involved as a “deterrent” for the protesters.

Administrative proceedings have been launched against all detainees. Some of them face up to 30 days in prison. Law enforcement even suggested that many protesters had a real chance to meet the New Year at the police station.

To recap, that mass protests against the falsification of the presidential election results on 9 August, in which Alexander Lukashenka was declared the winner, continue in Belarus. He has recently accused Lithuania and Poland of financing strikes.

Natalia Tolub

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