A series of air attacks on Kyiv, unprecedented in their power, intensity and variety, continues. “At night, there was the ninth air attack on the capital since the beginning of May! This time the attack was carried out by Tu-95MS and Tu-160 strategic bombers from the Caspian region, probably by X-101/555 cruise missiles. After launching the missiles, the enemy launched reconnaissance UAVs over the capital. According to the preliminary data, fragments fell in the Desniansky and Darnytsky districts of the capital. The greatest damage was recorded in the Darnytsky district, having caused a fire in the garage cooperative,” Kyiv City Military Administration Head Serhii Popko said.

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The fire has been extinguished. In other districts of the capital, debris may have fallen on parked cars, residential areas, or forested areas. No information about casualties has been reported so far.

As a reminder, the 16 May air attack on the Kyiv region was exceptional in its density – the maximum number of attacking missiles was launched in the shortest possible time. The Russians carried out a complex attack in different directions at the same time, using UAVs, cruise missiles, and, probably, ballistic missiles.

Natalia Tolub

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