Ukraine’s Security Service’s (SBU) cyber-specialists blocked the unauthorised copying and sale of information with limited access from the information and telecommunication systems of the State Tax and Customs Services.

The secret service officers established that the officials of these bodies organised this mechanism with the use of chat-bots, Internet resources and “Telegram” channels, exploiting the vulnerabilities in departmental databases.

The State Tax Service and the State Migration Service’s officials, together with a bank’s employees, participated in the illegal scheme. The accomplices have established a systematic sale of confidential information on financial and economic activities of legal entities, export and import operations and other information created and protected under applicable law.

During the searches in the offices and places of the suspects’ residences, law enforcement officers found and seized computers, mobile phones, flash drives containing unauthorised copied information with limited access, bank cards and other pieces of evidence that prove the deal by the defendants.

The decision about service of suspicion notices of committing the crimes under Articles 361-2 and 362 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine to the defendants is in progress.

The activities to expose the illegal deal were carried out jointly by the Main Investigation Department of the National Police of Ukraine, the Office for Prevention and Detection of Corruption of the State Tax Service of Ukraine, the State Tax Service of Ukraine and the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

Natalia Tolub

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