The European Union, the United States and NATO look forward to setting up a committee in the Ukrainian Parliament to oversee intelligence.

This is stated in the message of the US Embassy in Ukraine.

“The recent adoption of the law on intelligence establishes the legal basis for effective parliamentary oversight of Ukraine’s intelligence and security services. This is an important step towards ensuring that these services operate with greater accountability and transparency, which is the cornerstone of the sector’s civilian and democratic governance in accordance with European and Euro-Atlantic norms and principles,” the statement said.

The Embassy also noted that the international advisory group, which includes the US Embassy, ​​the EU Advisory Mission, the EU Delegation and the NATO Delegation to Ukraine, welcomed the move and looked forward to the establishment of the committee, as “effective parliamentary oversight of intelligence agencies is essential to ensure their accountability and the promotion of democratic governance.” 

The report also emphasises that the adoption of the law on intelligence is an important step towards Ukraine’s Euro-Atlantic integration.

Bohdan Marusyak

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