Have you been to Ukrainian open-air museums where you can see folk architecture and life of Ukrainians centuries ago? We bet that the majority of local people in Ukraine have not been to all seven biggest open-air museums of folk architecture, let alone residents of other countries.

A virtual tour by Google gives you this opportunity – without breaking the rules of the lockdown. You can travel to the past and get acquainted with the traditions of Ukrainians and their way of life. You can walk along the weeds, sit in the shade, or enter the cozy Ukrainian house with embroidery towels on the table and icons on the wall, says the introduction to the virtual tour.

There is a possibility to visit museums of folk architecture and life of Ukraine in Pyrohovo (Kyiv), in Uzhgorod, “Shevchenkivskyj Hai” in Lviv, Serednia Naddniprianschyna in Pereiaslav-Kmhelnytskyj (Kyiv region), and also Zaporizka Sich in Zaporizhzhia, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Residence in Chyhyryn (Cherkasy region), Mamaieva Sloboda in Kyiv.

Have you been to one or more of these museums? Have you visited other interesting places in Ukraine that you liked?

Tell us about your experience in comments and/or send us your photos to our FB page. We will publish the most expressive ones!


Photos by Natalia Richardson

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